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Course duration: approx. 3 months

Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES) - Trainer - Licensed Training

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online course in English with NASM exam.
The Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES) course available in Hungary through the IWI International Fitness School System. This course was developed by our US licensing partner NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) based on extensive practical experience and research. The design of PES concept started at Phoenix Suns in the NBA 25 years ago, and since then it is constantly developed. PES is used by many overseas sports organizations, such as NHL, NFL, MLB and in Europe, for instance in the Premier League as well. Since 2013, IWI International Fitness School trained a great number of NASM coaches for sport and fitness clubs. 

We recommend PES course for you if:

you are a personal trainer, a sport trainer, or you have a  physical education, or a physiotherapist degree, if you want to increase your fitness trainer skills and it is important for you to be able to complete your studies with internationally recognized qualifications. At least intermediate English is required!  

You can use this knowledge in your carrier:in sport clubs, performance sport centers, fitness clubs, strength and conditioning coach or physiotherapists private practice, at sports and fitness clubs abroad.
  • Functional movements, posture analysis and testing
  • Integrated sport performance training and OPT ™ system
  • Testing and developing muscle strength
  • Advanced warm-up
  • Tool-based and brand-independent practices for Functional Integrated Training (for types of devices, not built on products)
  • Development of CRF energy system, pulse control and intensity enhancement
  • SAQ, plyometric, speed, skill, speed development
  • Performance enhancer - integrated resistance training
  • Role and Practice of Weight Lifting in Explosion Development
  • Periodization, Program Design, Workout Design and OPT ™
  • Model Sports rehabilitation and prevention exercises (ankle, knee, shoulder, lower back)
  • Sports nutrition case studies
  • Performance Psychology: Harmonizing Physical and Mental Training

What you need to know about the training:

Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES) on-line training course is a distance learning system in English or Hungarian. The recommended study length is about 3 months. Optional English or Hungarian final exam at the end of the course! Tutoring opportunity is available for exam preparation!

What qualifications can you obtain?

An internationally recognized NASM Certified Sports Performance Coach (CSPC) certificate.

Total tuition fee: HUF 179.000

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